This has always been one of my most popular tours. I understand that it’s still very important for a lot of people to find out more about their family and ancestry.

As many people have to cancel their trips to Hungary, I have cancellations for ancestry tours, too. But I’ve collected a lot of information the last few years so I thought I’d still offer the online version of the tour.

Feel free to contact me for further details or send me all available information so that I can put together your family tree and all additional information that might give you an idea about how and where your relatives lived hundreds of years ago.

The reason why I love family researches a lot, is because it’s always a great experience to do the research and to find out more about my travellers’ relatives and family who were originally from Hungary. The other reason is that we usually go to beautiful Hungarian villages and towns to see where and how the family members lived 100 or 200 years ago.

Last week we visited the town of Kalocsa which isn’t just another cute little Hungarian town but it’s also famous for the local paprika. We went to see the local Paprika Museum to find out more about the most popular Hungarian spice.

We visited this cute little village last week as it was part of a family research I was working on for my guests arriving from Australia. I’ve never been to Szentkút before but I’m very much impressed by this enormous pilgrimage site, it’s just too bad it was deserted this part of the year. I understand it’s much more crowded in August when open air masses are held for hundreds of thousands of people.

The fountains have been famous for their healing power for some 700 years now and is declared a National Shrine since 2006.