Every year, at the end of August some of the great Hungarian folk artists have a special opportunity to put on display their talent and products: the folk art festival in the Buda Castle district. Visitors can watch and also participate in activities, such as sewing, lace or embroidery making, wood carving and many more. It’s a great occasion to meet local craftsmen and craftswomen, observe their techniques and tricks and also to buy local folk products. I loved the little old ladies teaching me sewing, trust me, they are very patient with visitors much less talented and experienced than they are.


The 20th of August is the only Hungarian national holiday in the summer, celebrations usually go on for days and the city is filled with visitors from all around Hungary and from abroad. The most special attraction every year is the fireworks on the night of the 20th, that can be seen from the banks of the river and the hills around it.