The last few years I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries for tours including the visit of the magnificent Houses of Parliament. I decided to create a customised tour including the visit of the Parliament.

The iconic building of the Parliament is one of the most visited attractions of Budapest and the interior is so beautiful, it’s highly recommended to all travellers.

Although I have a contract with the Parliament Visitor Centre and can very often get last minute tickets for the visits, there is no guarantee I can book tickets for the requested dates, so please always get in touch with me prior to booking the tour.

This really was a very popular tour but unfortunately the Trabant car is so terribly polluting that I decided to stop it. Now the same tour is available by car, I’m happy to offer the same experience with less impact on the environment.

This was not an easy decision for me, especially after my tour was featured in a French travel TV show but our planet’s and our kids’ future is more important than some business opportunities.

The first line of the Budapest underground was opened in 1896 and has transported tens of millions of passengers ever since. Most of the stops are authentic from the late 19th century with the colourful ceramic tiles and elaborate woodwork.

Taking the metro is like a time travel and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it.

There goes the metro

My new passion is to collect the sounds of Budapest, recording local music all over the city. This is the first recording of my collection, we were extremely lucky to hear a short organ recital in the Matthias Church of the Buda Castle district.

Organ recital in the Matthias Church of Budapest