Halloween stands for ‘All Hallows’ Evening’ , the night before the Christian ‘All Saints’ Day’. Although Halloween with all the pumpking carving and trick-or-treating is getting more and more popular in Hungary, still, we celebrate traditionally the two following days; All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

All Saints’ Day is the day of all of the saint souls, who are not mentioned in the calendar by name. It’s a National Holiday in Hungary, probably because all work has been forbidden on this day for centuries, because of the respect for the dead. According to folk tradition, during the night between All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day deceased go to the house of their loved ones. That’s why in the villages an extra plate was placed on the table, with bread, salt and water on it.

All Souls’ Day is to commemorate and remember one’s beloved ones who had passed away. Local cemeteries are usually crowded and beautiful with tons of fresh flowers, candles and lampions.

Yesterday we celebrated the 60th anniversary of Hungary’s revolution against the Communist dictartorship, the presence of the Soviet troops and the Stalinist totalitarianism.

My father was 5 years old in 1956. This is his story. He was abbout to accompany his uncle to bring a radio to some friends. There were fights all over the streets, all around the city. My father and his uncle tried to get from the city center to another district of Pest. When they reached the Liberty bridge my father spotted a huge tank at the Pest side of the bridge. He was frightened. But then, he saw that there was a piece of cloth stuffed in the muzzle of the tank. He was relieved. He said to himself that he wasn’t going to die that day.

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A few general and helpful information before you arrive to my beautiful city.

Money Exchange: the local currency is HUF (Hungarian Forint), you can pay with credit card in almost every shop and restaurant and in taxis, too. Don’t exchange money at the airport, there are dozens of small exchange offices in the city center (don’t forget to check the exchange rates first) and you can also use the hundreds of ATM machines.

Transportation: don’t be afraid of using public transportation, it’s simple, convenient and cheap. You’ll feel like a local. You can buy tickets at the metro stations, don’t forget to validate your ticket when you start your journey.

Cabs: all the local cabs are registered, they’re yellow. Taking a cab is safe, make sure that the driver puts the meter on at the beginning of the ride, don’t negotiate the price. Feel free to get off the cab if the driver refuses to put the meter on.

Tipping: tip is generally 10-15%, it might be included in the price, always check the receipt to see if the service fee is included.

Safety and security: Budapest is a very safe city, you can walk around during the night without experiencing any problem. There might be pickpockets in crowded places, take care of your belongings!

Tap water: drinking tap water is safe, the water is of great quality and delicious at the same time.