8 hours

Let me find out more about your relatives who were born in Hungary 50, 100 or 150 years ago. Let’s combine family research and sightseeing, so that you can learn more about the history of your family and my town at the same time.

I do genealogy research in local state and church archives, I’ll get as much information as possible about your family and I’ll be able to locate where excatly they are from. I might also search for authentic pictures of how the places looked like by the time they lived there. I do researches in newspaper archives and libraries, so that I can send you accurate and relevant information.

I’ve been doing similar researches for more than 5 years now so I think I can save you a lot of time and energy and can also help you sorting out data and information. Every research is different, every family has their own stories, what I love the most is when the small pieces fall into place and we finally get the big picture.

We’ll take a walk around your forefather’s birthplace and its neighborhood. We’ll visit the churches where they were baptized. We might also walk around local cemeteries.

This tour is fully customized according to your needs and preferences, please contact me for further details.

Tour guiding in English

Research in local archives if possible

Food, snacks
Private transportation

The price doesn’t include the costs of transportation out of Budapest.

All the above tours are private tours for you and for your family and friends only. The prices are for a group of maximum 4 people. Please let me know if you need a quote for more people.

Would you please contact me if you experience problems with your booking or if you’d like to book a tour on a day when I’m not available.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 11 reviews
October 7, 2019

You Came to the Best Site for Ancestral Research and Day Trips to Family Village’s.
Look no further on any other site than Julia’s for any type of ancestral research or day trip to visit former family homes and villages. Her compassionate personality and research experience provided a memorable day visiting my family’s village.
Julia was able to fill in a number of the pieces of research information I wanted about my relatives that I was unable to retrieve in the US. Her access to the Hungarian National Archives and other US ancestral sites and her experience with past research allowed her to claim documents that would have taken me days of sitting at the archives in Budapest.
The day we spent at my family’s village visiting family members I hadn’t seen in many years a memorable day for all. If it wasn’t for her translating skills I would have struggled a great deal trying to communicate effectively with everyone. Julia knew who and how to contact important people and plan the day that made our day memorable.
If you want a compassionate, caring and experienced person to help you with your research or day trip, Julia is your person. I can’t thank her enough.

September 16, 2019

To start, her comprehensive knowledge of Hungarian history and culture is amazing and whether you did the family history/cultural tour we did or just tours focussing on history and culture you cannot go wrong with Julia. She went out of her way to make sure we had the best experience possible. We spent 2 days with Julia, one in Budapest and one in Kalosca, where we combined family history with the broader Hungarian history and culture items. We saw where Janelle’s family lived and churches associated with the family. Julia even identified through military records details of one of Janelle’s family members who had “disappeared” from family records. Very exciting to say the least. Like all great guides she brought things to life for us which makes the experience so memorable. For example, the images she created around the 1956 revolution, stay with us.

September 4, 2019

We booked 2 full days with Julia. We couldn’t be happier, she took us to four villages were my Grand Parents had once lived before coming to Canada.
She took us to the houses that they lived in, to the local churches and the cemeteries.
We couldn’t have done it without her.
Best tour guide in Hungary.

May 29, 2019

I give Julia my highest recognition. Contacted her as we were planning our European trip. Hungary is my grand parents birth place, but none of my family know much about their origins.
Julia put together a full day spectacular tour of my family’s birth places and origins. We visited their villages. Found their churches and resting places. Explored village cemeteries to find relatives.
Ended our day at a winery, ate drank and reflected on our day and exploration
What a day beyond my expectations!! Perfection every detail attended to. Thank you again Julia for a day I will remember the rest of my life.

December 18, 2018

Julia was excellent. My wife and I spent 2 full days with her. One day with my father’s relatives near the Ukraine boarder and the other day on the Austrian boarder for my mother’s relatives. Before we arrived in Hungary, I submitted some potential names and villages where my relatives lived back in the late 1800s and early 1900s from She provided nice transportation in a Mercedes van.

Julia found 10 relatives and set up a wonderful lunch at a small village restaurant about a 3 hour drive from Budapest. She also found Hungarian food that I ate as a child along with old Hungarian songs my parents played. Our relatives took us to a family farm with a log that had a date of 1863 carved from my great great grandparents with their names.

This was a wonderful experience. She went beyond the call of duty with relatives I never met and even was delayed her personal meeting, so we could visit the relatives houses. Julia is a wonderful guide and she made my wife and I very happy with all that she did to make sure we had an unforgettable experience. Thanks again Julia for all that you did for us.

September 3, 2018

I tried this several days ago, but it never showed up. Let me try again. We were in Budapest to do family research. Prior to leaving home (the USA) I sent information to Julia. When we arrived, she had already found some info on my family. In all we spent three days with Julia. The first day was at the Archives where we researched and found info that both proved and disproved things in a family “story”. Day two was at a library in the downtown area. Day three was a drive to Nyiregahaza to see where some ancestors lived. We found two home that they lived in. Julia was extremely helpful in the research. She has a friendly, outgoing personality and really wants to help you in any way that she can.

July 21, 2018

My husband and I spent 2 full days with Julia. We spent the first day in Karád and Kisbárapáti. This is where my Grandfather’s family is from. We were successful finding my great grandfather’s grave, and the house where my Grandfather once lived.
The second day, we went up to Szihalom and Füzesabony. These are the villages of my great great etc… grandparents.
It was amazing to see the areas where my family originated.
Julia is a wonderful tour guide! She confirmed the research I had done, and knew where to find the cemeteries. She is very knowledgeable, experienced, and fluent speaking in multiple languages. More than that, she is friendly, genuine, and passionate about the work she does. She shared in my joys of the discoveries we made those days as they unfolded. My husband and I felt very comfortable with Julia (she made it easy), and thoroughly enjoyed our tour days with her.
I would highly recommend her for any tour, but especially her ancestry tours because they are custom designed for each person. She was exactly what I was looking for when planning my trip to Hungary! I’m so thankful I found her online and hired her! It was an experience of a lifetime!!!

September 12, 2017

We had two full days with Julia and could not be happier! She was a happy, interested and interesting tour guide with excellent English. Attentive to our needs and assisted with historical research into our family. We enjoyed her company and we learnt a lot about her wonderful country. Thank you Julia – you are part of our memories.

August 30, 2017

Julia was everything you could want in a guide. She does her research and than takes off. I learned so much about my family history and the country of Hungary. Any concerns I had about traveling alone were gone quickly, as Julia and her driver meet me at the airport and started my tour. A few days later, when we were done, I felt confident in traveling alone in Hungary. I cannot say enough good things about Julia. You could not do better than to hire her.

April 15, 2016

We spent 1 1/2 days with Julia in Budapest and couldn’t have been happier. She was not only a delightful person to be with, but she had gone out of her way to locate places where our relatives had live in the 1800’s and even had located pictures of what the buildings looked like then. We loved touring via the public transportation—we must have used them all. I can’t say enough good things about her and I’d use her again if I ever return to Budapest. We’ve brought home wonderful memories!

October 7, 2015

Julia was amazing! She went above and beyond our expectations! We learned so much about the history of Hungary and she brought along an excellent Driver, Norbert who drove us to Bonnya where my husband’s father was born in 1925. She took us on tour to Lake Balaton and for a traditional lunch. It was definitely the highlight of our trip!! Thanks Julia and Norbert!

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