My travellers often ask me to recommend some great museums to visit during their stay in Budapest. I’ve put together a list of the museums that I like and that I think would be a great addition to your Budapest experience. I’ve just updated the list, so that you can have the most amazing cultural Budapest experience.

History lovers:

Hungarian National Museum – all about Hungarian history from the ancient times to nowadays. the most significant item on display is the coronation robe of the Hungarian kings from 1000. The interior of the museum is just magnificent.

Hospital in the Rock – a museum in the cave system of the Buda Castle District that served as an underground hospital during WW2. Amazing stories from the war and a very detailed presentation.

Budapest History Museum – dedicated to the history of the Buda Castle complex and Budapest. You can visit the old parts of the castle as well as the newly renovated royal halls.

Memento Park – although it’s located outside the city centre, it’s worth a visit. The cemetery of the old statues of the communist era puts on display Hungarian history in the second half of the 20th century.

Glass House – former Swiss consul Carl Lutz saved the life of thousands of Hungarian Jews during WW2. The museum is dedicated to his amazing work and to all people who found peace and safety in the Glass House of Budapest.

Art lovers

Fine Art Museum – hundreds of thousands of pieces from all the different periods of European fine arts. Plan to spend a couple of hours to see them all.

National Gallery – an amazing collection of Hungarian art form the Middle Ages to nowadays. The museum is located in the Royal Palace of Buda and offers magnificent views over the city.

Ludwig Museum – the contemporary art museum started from a private collection and is expanding dynamically year by year. You can admire art from the late sixties to present time.

Ráth György villa – the Art Nouveau fans (myself included) will love this exhibition near the City Park. It’s the home if György Ráth, former director of the Museum of Applied Arts with very unique interiors, furniture and art from the late 19th and early 20th century.

Kiscelli Museum – showcasing the cultural history of Budapest from the 18th century to nowadays. It’s located a little further from the city centre, but it’s worth the extra time.

Photography lovers

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center – located in the Art Nouveau Ernst House in Nagymező utca is named after Robert Capa, the first photo journalist of the world with his war reportage on the Spanish Civil War, WWII, China, and Vietnam.

Mai Manó Ház – the Hungarian House of Photographers with temporary exhibitions showcasing the works of some of the greatest Hungarian photographers from the 21th and 21st century.

Music lovers

Liszt Museum – the little museum is located in the home of composer and piano virtuoso Franz Liszt, and actually, you’ll feel like you’re visiting him personally. Most of the items are original and belonged to Franz Liszt.

Don’t forget that most of the Budapest museums are closed on Mondays, always check the opening hours before your visit! Feel free to get in touch with me for further details and more information or if you feel like that there is something else you’d like to add to this list.

There is this beautiful building along the Danube, one that everybody notices from across the river because it stands out with its beauty and charm. The Pesti Vigadó is a concert hall, an exhibition space, and also a pretty building to discover. The building is from 1859 and was designed by Frigyes Feszl, whose main concept was to create a truly Hungarian Romantic style. The building was unfortunately badly damaged during WW2, but was rebuilt to its original style and beauty. You can buy tickets for a tour in the building or for an event, you won’t be disappointed.

A little photo gallery from the thousands of photographs I’ve been taking while walking around my Beautiful Budapest. These are not the most famous attractions, but some hidden gems that you can discover when you book a tour with me. The reason why I’m sharing these with you is that I very much like the colours, the vibes, the ambience of these places. Feel free to contact me for more details!