Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, it’s a 2-2,5 hours drive from Budapest. It’s one of the four capitals along the Danube river. A charming town with Bratislava castle from the Middle Ages and the Baroque style city centre with colourful buildings, cobblestoned streets, little cafés, art galleries and great atmosphere.

I’d highly recommend a tour when you are in Vienna or Budapest, you won’t be disappointed. These are the pictures from our last tour, we were lucky with beautiful weather and clear blue skies.


We just spent a beautiful day in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It’s only a 2-hour drive from Budapest, and is the only capital in Europe bordering two countries; Hungary and Austria.

We started the tour at Slavin, at the memorial dedicated to the liberation of Slovakia in April 1945. We took a pleasant walk around the Bratislava Hrad, the castle which looks like an upside down table, the towers of the castle are so similar to table legs. Unfortunately the castle was almost entirely destroyed in a fire 200 years ago, still, the view from the top of the hill over Bratislava is really pretty.

We toured the quaint little old town, visited St. Martin’s Cathedral and the gorgeous Cardinal Palace topped with a giant  cardinal’s hat. We discovered the town’s unique statues, the Man at Work, the Paparazzo and of course Napoleon’s soldier, too. We also enjoyed a traditional local lunch on the main square before returning to Budapest.