Christmas markets in Europe are all very popular, some of my favourite markets are in Vienna. In the capital of Austria there are some 10 different markets in the heart of the city and more all around greater Vienna. In some 2 or 3 hours you can have hot punch or mulled wine at several markets and can enjoy the local atmosphere.

If you happen to be in Vienna during the Advent season, I’d recommend to explore as many different markets as you can. The big and famous ones are the one at the Rathaus (City Hall) and the one at Maria Theresien square in between the Art History and Natural History museums. You’ll find more information and a lot of tips and recommendations on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board.

We happened to be in Vienna on a tour last weekend and were truly amazed by the lights, the smells, the flavours and the atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you’re looking for Christmas Market tours in Budapest, Vienna or Bratislava!

Every year hundreds of thousands of travellers vote for the best European Christmas Markets. This year my favorite Christmas Market in Budapest was voted the second best, that’s the one in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica. It’s easy to understand why this particular market got so many votes, it is all about food and drinks, local handicraft products and the videomapping show over the main facade of St. Stephen’s Basilica is magnificent.

Don’t forget to try local hot wine and chimney cake (kürtöskalács), the most delicious treat at our markets.

The truly amazing atmosphere of Budapest during the Christmas holidays, all the beautiful lights, gold and glitter of the city I love so much.


Christmas in Hungary is celebrated with traditions similar to those found in other Central European countries.

The holiday season starts with Advent, the period of expectant waiting for the birth of Jesus. We celebrate 4 Advent Sundays before Christmas lighting one candle on the Advent wreath each Sunday.

Christmas Eve, the 24th is a private family holiday. The family members decorate the Christmas tree together – except the kids because they believe the tree and the Christmas presents are brought by the baby Jesus, they can enter the room with the Christmas tree only when the bells ring three times.

On the 25th and 26th the whole city calms down a little bit, people visit their relatives and friends and of course it’s the best time of the year to taste the very special Hungarian Christmas treats.

Merry Christmas – Boldog Karácsonyt!

Yes, it’s that time of the year, there are several Christmas Markets in downtown Budapest open during the 4 weeks of Advent. You can eat traditional Hungarian dishes, drink mulled wine and amazing hot chocolate and do some Christmas shopping, too. Don’t forget to watch the unique video mapping show over the St. Stephen’s Basilica and to try our special treat, the Chimney Cake (Kürtöskalács). Enjoy!