A new museum opened in the City Park of Budapest, the museum of Hungarian Music. We had a private tour in the museum last week and were truly impressed by both the design of the building and the museum’s programmes and exhibitions.

The building was designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, to me it looks like an extremely ornate spaceship abandoned in the woods. For example I love the 12m high glass windows and panels and the hundreds of golden stylised leaves decorating both the interior and the outside. As a result it looks like a huge forest of gold, which is even more beautiful in the sunshine when the lights are nicely reflected on each and every gold leaf.

In the sound dome you can enjoy a unique audio-visual experience with sounds and music coming from all directions. I loved when all the sounds and music came together by the end of the show. It really felt like as if we witnessed a special chemistry experience in a musical laboratory. As an addition the permanent exhibition offers a musical journey in space and time. You must take some time to explore it, because you can easily spend hours in this underground musical maze. Music lovers should plan to spend some 2-3 hours in the building. Visitors can expect to get a better understanding of Hungarian music from the different periods of our musical history.

(On a personal note I have to add that I’m very much against all new constructions in the second largest public park of Budapest. The reason is that I think we should preserve and enlarge the green spaces in the city. However, I like the modern approach and the fact that the building is supposed to use sustainable and climate-friendly solutions.)

Last week we had the chance to meet and cook with chef Zita from BORGANIKA. Zita has an amazing gastro space in Klauzál market in the Jewish district. She offers cooking classes, all sorts of gastro events and she also hosts private dinners. She is amazing and is truly in love with Hungarian culture and food, all of my guests were fascinated by this unique culinary experience.

We cooked green pea soup, chicken paprikas with nokedli and strudel, it was a lot of fun, we enjoyed cooking and eating together and we also tasted some great Hungarian wines.

It’s a great experience for smaller and larger groups and her enthusiasm and professionalism will most probably brighten your day and contribute to an amazing Budapest experience.

Private cooking class at Borganika
Private cooking class at Borganika

We celebrate Independence Day on the 15th of March, the Hungarian freedom war against the Habsburgs started on the 15th of March in 1848.

I collected some Hungarian flags from all around Budapest for celebration. On the Hungarian flag RED stands for life, blood and passion, WHITE stands for honesty and GREEN stands for hope.

Independence Day Hungary 15th of March
Independence Day Hungary 15th of March

I know that many of you who are planning a visit to Europe are now concerned about the war in Ukraine. Personally I’m more concerned about the people who are at great risk, those who stayed in Ukraine and those who decided to flee their homeland. This is sad, this is awful and I hope that Russia’s leaders will held responsible for this unscrupulous aggression.

For you, as a traveller, there are no risks when you come to Europe. Yes, by now over 100.000 refugees arrived to Hungary, they are being taken care by local NGOs and charities. The volunteers of these organisations work 24/7 to provide refugees with shelter, food, transport tickets and hope. You won’t see crowds of refugees at the borders or at the train stations because of the heroic work of the volunteers and local people who offer to share their homes with people fleeing the war.

We’re supporting local charities and I’m also supporting a tour guide in Ukraine because I cannot imagine how it feels to lose your ground, your home, your entire life from one day to another. There are many charities to support, they need all the help they can get.

From the bottom of my heart I wish that the heroism of the Ukrainians defeats the aggressor and peace will be restored.