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Le quartier juif tire son nom du fait que c’était le centre de la culte et de la culture juives avant de devenir le ghetto en 1944. Lors de cette balade dans le quartier juif de Budapest vous découvrirez le célèbre triangle des synagogues et les monuments commémorant la 2eme guerre mondiale et le ghetto de Budapest.

Le quartier juif de Budapest ne se limite pas à la Grande Synagogue et aux bars de ruine. Les Juifs ont vécu sur le territoire actuel de la Hongrie depuis près de 2000 ans. Les plus beaux bâtiments et les mystères non révélés de l’histoire et de la culture juives sont cachés dans le centre-ville, dans le 7ème arrondissement de Budapest.

Au cours de cette promenade, nous allons voir le fameux “triangle des synagogue” (ce qui est en fait un rectangle) y compris la Grande Synagogue, la deuxième plus grande synagogue du monde. Nous verrons également des monuments poignants commémorant le ghetto de Budapest. J’aimerais vous présenter comment la communauté juive a survécu à la période la plus sombre de notre histoire.

Vous découvrirez de quelle façon et pourquoi le quartier juif est devenu le centre le plus important de la religion et de la culture juives. La communauté juive a toujours joué un rôle très important a Budapest, avant l’Holocauste 25% de la population de Budapest était juive et 125 synagogues ont fonctionné.

Je vous ferai voir des bâtiments tellement magnifiques afin que vous puissiez également admirer le street art unique, les superbes peintures murales du quartier et les meilleurs exemples de l’architecture Art nouveau hongroise. Je vous raconterai les histoires et les secrets cachés derrière l’atmosphère unique du quartier et de sa renaissance avec des bars de ruine, des galeries et des petites boutiques vintage. Je vous expliquerai sur la transformation de l’ancien ghetto en un nouveau quartier branché et multiculturel de Budapest.


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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 16 reviews
September 30, 2019

I am a travel agent and booked with Julia for 2 tours (Sept 2019). I would have no problem booking any of my clients with her. SHE KNOWS HER STUFF! We did two 4 hour walking tours with her and learned so much about her beautiful city. We concentrated in the city and Jewish quarter. Next time, I would book her for other destinations.

May 30, 2019

Julia is truly a Budapest treasure ! We had the pleasure of taking two half day tours with Julia . Julia showed us the known and little known sites that make Budapest so special and interesting. Julia’s knowledge, passion and organizational skills are to be commended. Julia made certain to show us all the sites we inquired about, as well as many sites we could not have known to request. Thanks to Julia, we feel we have a very comprehensive understanding of Budapest history. We highly recommend Julia!

November 7, 2018

Julia took my wife and I on a Jewish Budapest tour. She was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable and informative. Not only did she show us the Jewish section and sights but also art and culture that is now in that area. We saw the ruin pubs and learned more about them then going on our own. She also took us to an amazing bakery for a coffee and snack- dont miss the Flodni!

September 7, 2018

Julia was great. We walked throughout the city to the Jewish ghetto and then throughout the ghetto. She was informative, interesting and enjoyable. The great synagogue, cemetery and museum were moving especially with Julia’s commentary.

September 2, 2018

Julia is a knowledgeable professional guide who is passionate about the history of her hometown. Julia forthrightly described for us the tragedy of Hungarian Jews’ treatment during WWII and made certain to include all significant locales in what was the Jewish ghetto. She also included more recent historical perspective of the Russian occupation and its impact on the city. Julia was on time meeting us at out hotel and returned us there exactly four hours later. We two Canadians have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Julia as a down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is guide for your time in Budapest. She is a fantastic guide!

August 30, 2018

Julia is an excellent tour guide. She is extremely knowledgeable about the history of Hungary. She explained things carefully and in a very organized way. We would recommend her because we think any tour she does would be a wonderful learning experience.

August 24, 2018

Julia was a fantastic tour guide. Our group of 8 would highly recommend her to anyone coming to Budapest.

August 16, 2018

ulia is a very informative and knowledgeable guide. She is very personable and good company. This is a very interesting tour which, given the sad history, Julia handles sensitively. Highly recommended. Gary & Dolores

June 8, 2018

Our family was extremely fortunate to have Julia as a guide for our Jewish walking tour in Budapest last week. Julia immediately established an easy rapport with all members of our group. She is an extremely knowledgeable guide, and passionate about Budapest. She conveys the beauty, history, tragedy, and vitality of the city in an unforgettable way. Although she individualizes the tour to your interests and needs, she instinctively knows what will work best and prove most memorable. The very poignant aspects of our tour were wonderfully balanced by her enthusiasm, humor, candor, patience, and the incredible insight that she provides. I can’t imagine a better way to be charmed by Budapest!

May 18, 2018

We had the most wonderful tour with Julia! To start with, she is very personable and warm so we felt comfortable immediately! Julia is very knowledgeable about all things Budapest and shared so much information with us; from Jewish history to overall Budapest/Hungarian history to life in Budapest today. We walked alot and felt invigorated with every step! Julia was open to our every request & took us to a few off the beaten path places. It was our pleasure to share such a memorable day together.

April 26, 2018

We hired Julia to lead us on a Jewish tour of Budapest and we were not disappointed. Julia was extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant. Our grouped loved her. She met us at hotel with a small bus and spent 6 hours walking and driving through the Jewish area. We visited three synagogues and a number of “hidden gems” in the Jewish quarter. We ended the tour with a spectacular view of Budapest from the top of a hill. It was beautiful. We also visited the Shoe Memorial on the banks of the Danube River which was very powerful.

We would absolutely use Julia again and strongly recommend her for either a group or private tour when visiting Budapest. It was a great experience and a great end to a wonderful visit to Budapest.

November 9, 2017

Julia is a really knowledgeable guide and a very cheery person to spend a few hours with. Her valuable insights into all things Budapest are obviously informed by being born and brought up there, but she also retains a true passion for the city, its history and its people.

August 12, 2017

After disembarking from our river cruise ship, we had a tour with Julia who was recommended by a friend. Extremely glad we did. After 8 days of tour along the Danube with Emerald (also excellent), Julia gave us an incredible tour of in Budapest we would otherwise not have seen. The Jewish Quarter was particularly interesting and Julia gave a history of the horror that occurred there. She also gave an excellent account of the post war era and its continuing influence on Hungarian culture. Without this our visit to Budapest would have been quite superficial albeit quite beautiful architecturally. Thank you so much Julia!

March 23, 2017

Had a fantastic personal tour with Julia, who is very nice and extremely knowledgeable. Felt like walking around with a friend.

November 11, 2016

Interesting tour in Budapest with Julia, We went to the market which was awesome and bought some local products at very reasonable prices. Had an in depth tour of Jewish ghetto which was very informative and learned historical facts which we never would have had on a large tour. Julia was delightful and very well informed.

July 4, 2016

Julia is absolutely first class. Her english is impeccable. She is charming and very enthusiastic. Julia has an incredible knowledge of history and architecture that adds so much colour to any time spent with her. She showed us places that most tourists would not find on their own, a charming little bakery in the Jewish quarter for example. We had some personal business to do. Julia was a tremendous facilitator and we accomplished what we wanted to with her help. I feel as if I now have dear friend in Budapest. I am looking forward to returning to Budapest and learning more about this beautiful city with my friend Julia.

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