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The VIRTUAL HUNGARIAN COOKING CLASS is truly is a great opportunity for all travellers to experience Hungarian cuisine. For all those who had to cancel their trip to Budapest in light of the COVID-19 virus, for those, who would like to try some great Hungarian dishes or just miss travelling, I’m trying to offer the best possible Budapest culinary experience.

This is a 1-hour Virtual Foodie Tour via Skype/Zoom/Facetime, streamed live from my kitchen in Budapest, with a foodie expert tour guide. I’m happy to discuss the Hungarian cuisine, share recipes and cook together. Let’s cook together, let’s prepare some great and colourful Hungarian dishes!

The Virtual Hungarian Cooking Class is the online version of my culinary tour, probably my most popular tour in beautiful Budapest. Besides sharing my recipes and knowledge with you I’m also telling stories about Hungary, its culture and its gastronomy.

My 1-hour cooking class menus:

  • Hungarian tomato and pepper ratatouille + Pogácsa: potato bread snack
  • Chicken paprikas + Egg spätzle
  • Layered potatoes + Palacsinta: Hungarian crepes
  • Potato paprikás with sausage and frankfurter
  • Potato pancakes

My 2-hour cooking class menus:

  • Goulash soup + Kaiserschmarrn: the Kaiser’s Crumble
  • Cold fruit soups + Cottage cheese dumplings
  • Hungarian green pea pottage + Lángos: fried bread
  • Cabbage rolls + Flodni: Jewish-Hungarian layered cake


You might be aware that tourism industry has been very badly impacted by the quick spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Me and all my friends and partners in the Budapest tourism industry are trying to find a way to survive and to offer what we know the best: our Budapest experience. As a way to support local Budapest businesses all the tour prices will be shared with my partners in the Budapest tourism industry.

Also, don’t forget that you’ll redeem 100% of the virtual tour price when you book a real, live tour with me in the future!


Virtual cooking class in English

Please bear in mind time differences when you book the tour! All start dates are in Budapest time, GMT/UTC + 2.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 7 reviews
December 23, 2022

The virtual cooking tour with Julia was delightful! We so appreciated her enthusiasm for her country of Hungary and for the food of Hungary. She selected two traditional recipes for us, and was well-prepared as she led us at an easy pace through the steps. She also gave us ideas for the future to create different twists based on these two recipes. There were four of us participating and we all agreed the food was delicious! Thank you, Julia!

April 9, 2021

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience today! Your passion for cooking and baking really shines through during your presentations!

December 13, 2020

Julia was a wonderful guide. There were four of us on this virtual tour, and everyone had a good time and most importantly, good results with their attempts at cooking Hungarian food, thanks to Julia’s expertise and guidance. Julia is warm, welcoming, and creates a friendly virtual atmosphere.

October 23, 2020

Had an awesome virtual cooking class with Julia.
She sent a zoom meeting link. It was super easy and I am not tech savvy.
You could choose your own menu.
She sent the list of ingredients prior. I had most in my pantry.
We chose spaetzle and chicken paprikash. It was easy and fun.
Would highly recommend.

August 29, 2020

It was great. Everyone loved it.

March 29, 2020

A group of ten of us visited Budapest last year, and were fortunate enough to share a day of wine tasting on a tour led by Julia. When we heard about the opportunity to visit her virtually for a cooking class, we jumped at the chance! Julia was very accommodating, and spent a very late night (for her) teaching us to make soup. It was a great chance to make something we’d enjoyed in Budapest at home, but it was also a great chance to “visit” with Julia. Soup turned out well, but it was also a great chance to see her again. Julia is very engaging and does an amaing job of giving people a perspective on life half way across the world. She is knowledgeable on the area, history, and current trends, and the time spent flew by in a fascinating discussion about soup, our trip, and current events. I can’t recommend this experience strongly enough. Julia is a great resource and our time spent was a wonderful break from the monotony of life under travel restrictions! We are already planning a second “visit” with Julia!

March 28, 2020

We spent four days with Julia in 2018 during our vacation to Budapest and were blown away with her personality and professionalism.

Add to that her entrepreneurialism! We immediately signed up for her virtual cooking class when she wrote to tell us about it. The tourism industry is devastated and we are stuck at home because of the pandemic so this “tour” is a way to relieve stress, make delicious food, and support our friend financially.

Julia helped us choose our menu, and emailed us a list of ingredients in advance, all readily available even during these trying times. Using FaceTime, we cooked in parallel. Even though Julia is an accomplished chef, we didn’t feel intimidated because she was so encouraging.

Now we have some wonderful Hungarian recipes, learned some new cooking techniques, and reconnected with one of our favorite people.

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