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The VIRTUAL COMMUNIST TOUR is all about history, more precisely, it’s a comprehensive experience to learn more about Hungary under Communism. For all those who had to cancel their trip to Budapest in light of the COVID-19 virus, for those, who would like to see some of its beautiful monuments again or just miss travelling, I’m trying to offer the best possible Budapest experience.

This is a 1-hour Virtual Tour via Skype with an enthusiastic Budapest tour guide. From the comfort of your own armchair with the help of technology we’ll take a virtual walk in Budapest to see its Communist heritage and to learn more about Communist dictatorship in Hungary. This is the virtual version of my Communist Budapest Walk, book this tour with me so that I can get you closer to the most painful periods of our modern history. I’ll show you monuments of our Communist past and will also explain you how people lived in my beloved city during the Communist dictatorship. We’ll finish the tour with the virtual visit of several exhibition halls of the House of Terror Museum where you can meet the victims and the victimizers of the Communist regime.

Hungary fell under Communist rule after WW2 and its new leaders not only changed the way of thinking and the everyday life of the people but the cityscape of Budapest, too. It’s hard to believe that the shiny and glorious city was all black and grey when I was a child.

I’ll explain about the years of the heavy dictatorship, the 1956 revolution and about the consolidation period from the beginning of the 1960’s, how Hungarians lived through the Goulash Communism. I’ll also tell about the political and economical changes of 1989, how Hungary became free and independent, how we witnessed the most important changes of our lives in Budapest and in Hungary.

You might be aware that tourism industry has been very badly impacted by the quick spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Me and all my friends and partners in the Budapest tourism industry are trying to find a way to survive and to offer what we know the best: our Budapest experience. As a way to support local Budapest businesses all the tour prices will be shared with my partners in the Budapest tourism industry.

Virtual tour guiding in English

Please bear in mind time differences when you book the tour! All start dates are in Budapest time, GMT/UTC + 2.

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May 1, 2020

Amazing tour with Julia, we learned so much about Hungarian history, highly recommended! Can’t wait to book a live tour with Julia.

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