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Let me show you around three truly magnificent gems of the Hungarian Baroque architecture: the towns of Gyor and Sopron and the Esterhazy Palace in Fertőd.

Gyor is situated near the border with Austria, halfway between Budapest and Vienna, it’s a 90-minute drive from Budapest. It’s very often named City of Rivers because it’s located at the confluence of the Duna, Raba and Rabca rivers and has the most beautiful Baroque downtown area in Hungary. We’ll take a walk starting from the flower market to see the Bishop’s Castle, the Basilica, the St. Ignatius church and some beautiful residential palaces.

We’ll drive to Fertod to explore the palace of the Esterhazy family. The 18th century building is one of the most amazing buildings of Hungarian Baroque palace architecture with its 126 rooms surrounded by splendid gardens. We’ll talk about the lifestyle of Hungarian aristocracy in the 18th and 19th centuries and about how much the Esterhazy family contributed to Hungarian music, arts and culture.

Our last stop is Sopron, the most loyal Hungarian town, rich in both Medieval and Baroque architecture and my favourite Hungarian town. Walking around the streets of Sopron you’ll see the influence of Romans, Ottomans, Habsburgs, it’s like a beautiful postcard you have to examine closely so that you don’t miss any detail. I’ll tell you stories from the Ancient era and from the end of the Communist era as well, so that you’ll be familiar with the town’s history.

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