Cette excursion en plein-jour vous permettra de visiter la Courbe du Danube, ce qui est la plus pittoresque et la plus romantique partie de la rivière. Ce est là où le Danube tourne vers le sud et coule entre de belles collines en forme de coeur. Une visite détaillée en évoquant l’histoire, la culture et l’architecture hongroises avec la vue panoramique sur la belle courbe de la rivière.

Nous découvrirons les plus charmantes villes de la rive droite du Danube, nous visiterons trois villes; Esztergom, Visegrád et Szentendre.

Esztergom se trouve à une heure de Budapest, sur la frontière avec la Slovakie. La ville était la premiere capitale de la Hongrie au Xème siècle, l’ancienne résidence royale est le centre de l’église catholique de nos jours. Je vous ferai voir la plus grande, et l’une des plus belles cathédrales de la Hongrie, la Basilique d’Esztergom.

Visegrád était capitale de la Hongrie, et une siège royale au Moyen Age. Je vous montrerai les ruines de la citadelle et du palais royal renaissance médievaux. Nous profiterons de la vue exceptionnelle sur la Courbe du Danube du haut des collines de Visegrád.

Nous visiterons ensuite Szentendre, un petit village d’artistes qui a inspiré des nombreux peintres et sculpteurs hongrois. Le village a une atmosphère méditerranéenne vraiment unique et une architecture baroque exceptionnelle. Son charme est dû à ses petites maisons colorées et à ses rues pavées. La ville est pleine de galeries d’art, de cafés, de restaurants et de magasins de souvenirs. Nous apprécierons la belle architecture et l’ambiance unique du village situé au bord du Danube.

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Durée7 heures

Tour Reviews

April 27, 2019

We were lucky enough to secure Julia’s services as a guide for 2 of the 3 days we visited Budapest. Before reviewing her services as a guide, I wanted to say how much we enjoyed just spending time with Julia. She is very personable, engaging, intelligent, and really wants you to leave Budapest loving the city as much as she does. She is one of the things we will miss most about the city. Having said that, she is a great guide. Before we even left home, Julia made herself available to us advising on restaurant recommendations, offering to make reservations, etc. (Take note of her suggestions….she makes some really good ones.). Our first day with her was on a Thursday, and she basically took us on a city tour. You can go to all the places without Julia and see the sites, but she (1) knows how to maximize your time but getting you from place A to place B most efficiently, (2) provides you with excellent commentary on all of the sites and relates everything you see so the history of Budapest/Hungary comes together, and (3) gave us a great plan about what to see, how to tour in our second day without her services. Everything she suggested went exactly as planned. So we were on our own on Day 2, but she joined us again on Day 3 and took us a her Danube Bend Tour. It was nice getting outside the city, and again, Julia provided the same excellent commentary on all of our stops that she did in the city. We definitely saw places we would have most likely missed had we not toured with Julia, and definitely would have missed some fun and really enjoyable places to stop for food, cake, etc. without her. I would also add that my wife and I both learned a lot about living in Hungary today and in the past under Communist rule with Julia. So with Julia, you kind of get the complete picture….Hungary from 1200 to 2019. Hire her…she’s great.

October 23, 2018

This is a long belated review as I had the pleasure of having Julia as my guide to the sights and towns of the Danube Bend last December (2017). She was impressive in every respect: easy to communicate with, highly knowledgeable, punctual. A charismatic and polished professional who will make you feel as though you are being taken around by a friend who knows what you like, reveals the insider’s perspective and goes the extra mile to deliver. For example: I had indicated to Julia that I was trying to make it to the Opera house after our tour. We unfortunately got stuck in traffic and she got out and walked me several blocks to the venue so that I would not miss the performance. Outstanding.

September 1, 2018

We visited 3 towns on a day tour outside of Budapest. The trip was great and very informative. Julia was great and the best guide we have had on our various trips. She was very knowledgeable about the local history and culture, had a great sense of humor and a smile at every turn of the trip. We highly recommend Julia for whatever tour you might have in the area.

August 15, 2018

Very enjoyable day trip outside Budapest seeing the interesting towns of the Danube Bend. Julia is a very knowledgable and informative guide. She is extremely pleasant and sensitive to the wishes and needs of her clients.

May 1, 2018

We met Julia, as previously arranged, at the Hilton Castle District in Budapest, Hungary at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. Julia was there a bit early and we quickly learned that she is a vibrant young woman just filled with enthusiasm for her country and its history. She took us on a journey exactly as we requested thru the country side and into the mountains around the Danube. We toured a Basilica, walked cobblestone streets in a small town and participate with locals enjoying a weekend arts show. We had lunch at a roof top restaurant overlooking the Danube. We visited Margaret Island, heard the history of the island and watched a local marathon. We toured in wine country and had a wine tasting as well as visiting a festival in a nearby village. Julia was such a pleasure!. We enjoyed her upbeat personality and the information she shared so willingly. We spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday with her. We learned and saw much more than we ever thought we could from our brief time together. If we ever are in Budapest again, we will definitely book our tours with Julia Kravianszky.

April 14, 2018

Julia worked with my wife and me and another couple to custom plan our full day Danube Bend excursion. The experience could not have been better. From prompt pick up at our hotel to even the smallest details Julia exceeded our expectations. Her knowledge of and passion for her home country were evident throughout our time together. We HIGHLY recommend Julia and will request her services again should we visit Budapest in the future. Thanks, Julia, you were the high point of our trip.

November 24, 2017

We used Julia’s guide services for a private tour of Budapest City sights on one day and the Danube River Bend tour the next day for a group of 4.
The driver & vehicle was fairly new and clean – our two drivers for each day did a good job.
Julia was excellent – very professional, knowledge of the history, culture and destinations exceeded my expectations and i use private guide services very regularly.

If you are going to Budapest – Using Julia is a must.

November 18, 2017

We group of six would like to thanks our tour guide Julia, we had a wonderful and unforgettable of three days tour with Julia, she is very informative and knowledgeable
guide us just like time machine lead us back to future, back to 13th century, 14th, 15th century, with a beautiful Danube river view, took a romantic strolled around village….
thanks for all unforgettable moments of Budapest tour. we already recommend Julia to our friends.

July 19, 2017

We spent three days with Julia seeing Budapest and the surrounding area. She totally tailored the time for the things we were most interested, plus she added some must sees that were right on. She is very knowledgeable and goes the extra step to find an answer if it not just on the top of her head. Her prices are very reasonable.

October 15, 2016

Julia was our guide for our day trip to the Danube Bend region. She is delightful, knowledgeable and wants you to learn about her city and country. We could not have done better. We recommend her very highly.

October 15, 2016

Julia meet us at our hotel with a driver and a new Mercedes 7 passenger van. We had 4 adults so the trip was very comfortable. While the weather was not great, we all enjoyed seeing the three historic towns and the beautiful countryside. Julia is very knowledgeable about Hungarian and European history, speaks excellent English and is personable. She took us to a local place for lunch which was excellent. Highly recommended.

June 10, 2015

Very good, knowledgeable, and helpful guide.

May 27, 2015

The experience was amazing! Julia Kravianszky is one of the best guides I have ever met in the world. She knows all about the local history, the tour itinerary, she is kind, helpful and polite! Julia, thank you for everything! Best wishes, Márcio

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