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Budapest has always been proud of the rich culture and architecture of the Jewish quarter. Jewish people living in our capital has always played a significant role in the flourishing of arts, trade and business, especially in the 19th century. Join the Jewish quarter walk in order to discover the famous synagogue triangle and the monuments commemorating the Budapest ghetto.

The Budapest Jewish quarter is not limited to the Great Synagogue and to the ruin pubs. Jews have been living in the actual territory of Hungary for almost 2000 years. The most beautiful buildings and the undisclosed mysteries of Jewish history and culture are located in the city center, in the 7th district of Budapest.

During our walk we are going to see the famous “synagogue triangle” (which actually is a rectangle) including the Great Synagogue, the second largest synagogue of the world. We’ll also see poignant monuments commemorating the Budapest ghetto. I’d like to tell you more about how local people could survive the most terrible period of our history.

I’ll tell you and show you how and why the Jewish quarter has become the most important center of Jewish religion and culture. We’ll walk around the magnificent buildings so that you can also admire the unique street art, the quarter’s amazing murals. I’ll show you some of the greatest examples of the Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture.

Let’s discover the stories and secrets hidden behind the unique atmoshpere of the district filled with ruin bars, galleries and little vintage shops. I’ll of course tell you more about the transformation of the old ghetto to a new, hip, multicultural neighborhood of Budapest.


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