A few words about sustainable tourism

I’m spending most of my time walking around Budapest and touring around beautiful Hungary. I’m amazed to see that my country attracts more and more tourists every year. Yes, it’s a great thing. But at the same time it’s overwhelming, too.

I’d like travellers to have the most perfect Budapest experience, and I have a few tips for you to consider to make sure your visit is enjoyable and is good for our city and our people, too, leaving some living space to the Budapesters.

  1. Support local businesses: hire a local guide, eat local, drink local. 
  2. Instead of doing bus tours take public transportation and walk.
  3. Forget about guide books and the must-see attractions. Try and discover the city for yourself.
  4. Don’t invade specific baths/museums/bars/restaurants. It’s so sad to see that local people can no longer go to these places because they are overcrowded.
  5. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do back home.

About Author

I'm a passionate and enthusiastic tour guide with fluent English and French and I would like to show you around my beautiful country that I hope you'll never forget.